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Office things for sale below - keep scrolling. All prices negotiable.

Nice cabinets

Cabinet in the photo on the left is from Ikea (Billy/Oxberg). Approx 80” tall, 68” wide $200. Link below in “learn more” for info on Billy cabinets.

Cabinet on the left in the photo on the right is a very sturdy, real piece of furniture with a rounded end piece. Real wood, no particle board. Approx 88” tall, 38” wide. End piece is about 14”x 14” Both the cabinet and the end piece for $500.

Various bookshelves

The far left is just two of the ones on the far right stacked. The second one is an Expedit from Ikea, apparently it is now called Kallax. See link below for Ikea info on it. The color here is their birch veneer (their website doesn’t list that, so that’s not the color linked). The 3rd photo was purchased at an antique store. $10 for each small bookshelf or the triangle one. $30 for the Ikea


I guess I have a thing for carts. #1 is from World Market. Pretty little wood shelves with gold painted accents. #2 I have 3 of these - rolling file carts with a shelf underneath (see link below). #3 Medical style stainless steel? 1 drawer, 2 shelves. #4 printer cart #5 another rolling cart with 3 shelves. $20 for any of them. $100 for all (including the 3 of #2 - total of 7 carts)


$10 for any of these 3 shelving units. $25 for all 3. Measurements available upon request.

Comfy chairs

$20 for one. $50 for all 3.

Desk chairs

$20 for one. $50 for all 3.

Oakworks portable massage table

Table in great shape. Link below to Oakworks site. $200.

hp Laserjet Enterprise M725

I got this baby free, and I’m willing to let it go for free. It is crazy heavy, but it works great. I think it’s 9 - 10 years old. See website below from 2013 with specs. Seen on Ebay for $900.

Folding chairs/little tables

4 padded chairs, 8 no padding, 3 tiny tables. $5 for each chair without padding and each tiny table, $10 for each chair with padding. $75 got the works.

Contact me to purchase or with questions

831-421-1292 or

Thank you!

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